We are collecting a bank of initiatives, events and organisations that are tackling loneliness in their own ways. This is a resource to make it easier for us to find communities, activities and support to feel less lonely.

As our exhibition moves around London, our interactive map will grow.

Click below to find something near you.

You’ll notice that the map above has a special focus on the East London area. This is to coincide with our kick-off exhibition at the Great Get Together in Stratford. As our exhibition moves around London, our list of resources in other areas of London will grow.

If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you through the form below.

Let’s make London a more connected place, together.

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Additional Resources

There are also some excellent resources being provided by the following organisations.

Loneliness Lab: Shaping places and spaces to end loneliness in London

British Red Cross in partnership with Co-op: Connecting Communities initiative

Sanctus: A comprehensive guide to free and paid services for your mental health

Campaign to End Loneliness: Experts in the field of loneliness and connection

Marmalade Trust: Loneliness Awareness Week

The Escape Weekend: Guiding women on a journey back to their most brave, brilliant and balanced self.