#LondonisLonely is an immersive street art exhibition composed of photographs and audio stories of loneliness in London.

Our aim is to reduce shame and stigma by creating spaces for Londoners to experience real local stories, and, by inviting them to share their own stories and solutions to tackle social isolation in their community.

This exhibition is designed to show the magnitude of loneliness and to demonstrate that this is a shared issue - which means we’re all part of the solution. We invite everyone to think about their role and how we can all help build a more connected world.

#LondonisLonely originated in the Loneliness Lab and has since developed with the support of International Quarter London

You too can help us continue the work we’re doing by donating to our crowdfunding page. We’re thankful to all for the ongoing support.



The artists behind #LondonisLonely are Irene Palacio (left) and Tessa Blencowe (right).

Irene is a is a freelance art director and photographer with special interest in using design and art as a means for change.

Tessa is a freelance digital storyteller and filmmaker, who believes fervently in making the world a more meaningfully connected place.

Tessa recently spoke on the Sanctus Podcast about London is Lonely. Listen here.